About YA Thriller Con

YA Thriller Con Online is a two-day event, running from July 10th to July 11th 2020, to celebrate and talk about all things YA Thriller. 

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How did it begin? 

The idea for this exclusively online con began when I (Madeline Dyer) was looking for online cons dedicated exclusively to YA thrillers, but I couldn't find any. So, of course, I decided to set up my own. I'd already been hosting Writers In Conversation videos on YouTube, so I thought how hard can an online con be? 

Turns out--very hard! There's A LOT of organising involved! 

I reached out to the other authors I knew, sharing my idea for this con, and the response was great! Within a month, we had over 24 authors signed up to speak across six panels, as well as interviews, Q&As, and readings set up!  

Keeping the con online was important to me--with being a disabled writer, I've faced problems before attending in-person events, and I'm very much restricted to events in my own country, the UK. Therefore, even if there wasn't currently a global pandemic, this would still be a 100% online event. 

Will it be an annual event? 

I'd love to make it an annual event--I love organising things like this--but I'll have to see. I've spent weeks planning this year's YA Thriller Con, and it's involved a lot of very late nights! We'll see how well this year's goes--but of course I'd love to put together something similar next year too. 

Contact Us! 

If you want to contact us, please message through Twitter! @MadelineDyerUK handles the scheduling of panels/readings and @EmmaFinnerty handles social media. 

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  1. I'm so excited to be part of this. Thank you Madeline for all of your hard work!